Royal Tree Will Clear Away Dying or Troublesome Trees

At Royal Tree, we try to avoid removing any healthy specimens. However, sometimes it’s required to do so due to bad location, hazardous situations, or for other reasons. Removing the tree is sometimes the only option.

Tree removal is a job that requires a professional arborist. Our experienced employees have the skills and knowledge necessary to handle any dangerous tree removal to keep you and your property safe.  We do this by paying attention to trees that could pose significant risks to your home or business.

We have removed thousands of trees and our safety record is spotless. We adhere to all industry standards and safety protocols.


Be Prepared for Storms and Hurricane Season

Tree removal is about much more than appearances – it’s about safety. If heavy winds and strong storms can threaten your trees and cause damage to your home or business. Royal Tree assists homeowners and commercial property owners prepare for hurricanes. Hire a team of experts to take care of your trees BEFORE the big storm arrives.

A certified arborist should prune your tree before hurricane season to ensure you are prepared.

Give us a call and prepare your trees for Hurricane season. We are licensed and insured and service Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Manatee Counties.

Norfolk Pine Tree Removal