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Royal Tree is a family-owned tree care business serving the greater Tampa Bay area. We are well-versed in tree trimming in Pinellas County, FL, expertly keeping your trees healthy with high-quality tree trimming and arborist services.

We believe that more than just simply cutting a tree, tree trimming must be done in a thoughtful manner. We understand how to trim the tree so that we do not affect overall health. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial tree trimming, our team is here to help.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

Tree Cleaning

Removing any dead, weak or rubbing limbs, as well as lightly cleaning out the center is healthy for the tree. It provides partial sunlight for the grass or plants under the tree.  

This is not the same as the lions tail look that many go for with severe center clearing and growth that is chased out to the tips of the tree.  This creates a condition where the tree’s growth is overreaching, and the limbs can twist and snap in the wind due to all the wind forces at the tips.

Tree Raising

Elevating the tree over sidewalks, driveways, houses, decks, seawalls, docks, etc.

This is the process of taking some of the lower limbs and raising the downward facing and over reaching through a process of structural reduction.  This creates a tree structure that is more centered and not over reaching.  If a limb cannot be reduced back in this manner and is always going to be an issue, we can take the limb back to the trunk of the tree.

Tree Topping

This tree trimming service is only for soft wood trees to help control the growth, structure, and to keep the tree healthy.

Hazardous Limb Removal

Some major limbs that are too close to your house, neighbors, or other situations need to be removed due to high-risk situations and can be one storm away from damaging something important.  Another issue that maybe present is bark inclusion where a couple of limbs grow from the trunk in close proximity.  These can grow together over time creating a zone of failure with the outside bark being incorporated into the new growth.

Moss Removal

Spanish or Spider moss is an air plant that may contain insects that can damage a trees health and growth cycle. Additionally, it can block much needed sunlight for the tree’s health. We take out up to 80-90% of the moss in a tree.

Tree Trimming

We Help Keep Your Home and Business Safe

Tree trimming and pruning

Florida is no stranger to high winds and heavy rain that can wreak havoc on branches and tree limbs. Make sure your trees are ready for the next storm by getting professional tree care.

Trees that receive regular maintenance have a much better chance of surviving a storm and not causing damage to your home or business.

Proper pruning is the most important way to help trees survive Florida’s hurricane season. At Royal Tree, we help trees develop a strong framework of healthy branches capable of surviving hurricane winds.

A certified arborist should prune your tree before hurricane season to ensure you are prepared.


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We are local tree trimming experts in Pinellas County, and here to help! Take the time to invest a little in the trees on your property each year and the surprise expenses will be much less.

Regular dead wooding helps the tree heal and keeps the health at its best. Additionally young trees can be pruned for structure to set up the best scenario for them going forward. A big concern here is co dominance.  A tree may split early into 2 main trunks, if one of these is not trimmed back in a way to make it subordinate to the others, then a tree can focus equal efforts and will usually split at that middle joint some time later in its life.

Give us a call and prepare your trees for Hurricane season. We are licensed and insured and service Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Manatee Counties.

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