Trees are among the most underreported causes of injury throughout the US, especially in extreme conditions like hurricanes or tornadoes. One way to prevent trees from falling, especially in regions like Florida, where storms are frequent, is to consult a trained arborist to see whether that tree in your backyard or neighborhood is healthy and stable. 

If a tree isn’t healthy and can’t be helped, there is one option left – removing it. But how do you spot the first signs a tree has gone bad? That’s what we are here to discuss. 

When it comes to tree removal in Pinellas, there are some telltale signs a tree needs to be removed. Here’s more on each sign.

Telltale Signs You Need Tree Removal

Leaning Trees

All trees lean one way or the other. It’s natural – one side is always heavier than the other and thus pulls the tree in that direction. It becomes a problem when the lean is significant and caused by heavy winds or thunderstorms instead of a natural lean, and it’s right next to an area where it can hurt someone.

If a tree is still young, a natural lean can usually be fixed by trimming some branches on the downward side and letting it grow. The crucial kinds of leaning trees are the older ones, especially those with codominant stems. As trees occasionally shed their branches, trees with codominant stems can fall out of the blue. 

Dead Trees

Trees aren’t immortal even if their lifespans expand into the triple digits. Whether from old age or soil quality, trees can die, making their passing a problem for everyone. 

The first sign a tree might be at the end of its life is the branches or lack thereof. Dead branches tend to fall by themselves, and when a tree is healthy, this is a normal phenomenon restricted to the smaller branchlets.

There are other signs related to a tree’s branches. If they snap easily instead of having that natural bend, it usually means they’re dead. Another sign is if a branch is green on the inside when snapped off. 

The biggest red flag is when a tree doesn’t produce leaves during growth season – though this can also be chalked down to just a bad year for the tree.

Fungal Infection or Disease

Fungi are not fun when it comes to trees. As pretty as they may look, mushrooms growing on a tree can be a sign of disease – or even its cause. Fungal disease is one of the more severe conditions a tree may have that can affect the entire ecosystem of that area. Fungi infect their host tree completely, overtaking it from the inside and making it decay, causing it to fall eventually.

Of course, the situation needn’t be so dire. Mushrooms can also point to a regular disease a tree might have and attack it because its “immune system” is weakened. Signs of tree disease are wilting branches, discolored leaves when it’s not the right season, and a thinning canopy. In both cases, the tree-born fungi must be dealt with, as they can spread to the rest of the yard or even the neighborhood!

Call an Arborist Today for Tree Removal in Pinellas

These are only the first signs to look out for when it comes to the health of a tree – not the first sign to remove it. Trees are the lungs of our planet Earth, so we must try to salvage them whenever possible. What might look like a dead tree is perhaps a tree that just needs a haircut. It’s a good idea to call a skilled arborist in these cases, and that’s where we come in!

Royal Tree Services can cover all your tree removal needs. If you need a tree removal in Pinellas, we are at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding trees that might look dead or sick – we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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