Planting a tree requires many points to ponder, but the main one is the season. Specific trees do best when planted in certain seasons and such knowledge can be the difference between successful growth and a waste of your time and resources. 

If you’re considering planting trees in Florida, you have various weather factors to take into account. As an experienced Pinellas County tree care company, we at Royal Tree Services are more than happy to share our knowledge, expertise, and services to help you decide on the best time to plant your favorite trees! 

How to Know When the Best Time to Plant Trees Is?

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Why Is Planting Time Important 

The key aspect to consider when determining the best season to plant trees is the tree’s root system. The goal is to provide the roots ample time to develop, get acclimated to the soil, and grow while minimizing their exposure to heat, cold, water shortage, or similar external stressors. 

Florida has a very forgiving climate, so planting trees is fairly easy as long as you pay attention to avoid shocking the roots with extreme heat. Understanding the needs of different types of trees is a great way to pinpoint the sweet spot for planting. Alternatively, you can contact a Pinellas County tree care company such as Royal Tree Services to do all the math for you! 

Making The Most Out of Every Season

The versatile climate in the US makes it a challenge to determine the best period to plant specific trees outside of winter. The US State Department of Agriculture has a map of zones that helps pinpoint the best time to plant trees in different zones but for those preferring a simpler approach, here are the general rules of thumb: 


Intuitively, most people tend to peg spring as the best season to plant trees, but that is not always the case. Evergreen trees such as the Redbud tree, Fringetree, and Carolina Silverbell, for example, are the best choices for March, April, and May. The earlier you plant, the better the outcome will be, but as a Floridan, April is the sweet spot for success. 


Summer is a tricky period for planting trees, as the heat evaporates moisture very quickly, resulting in a shock to the root system. If palm trees and deciduous fruit trees are on your planting list, then the early and mid-summer months of June and July are perfect, considering no surprising heat waves occur. 


Late blossoming trees, which require a longer time to settle into the soil without huge temperature variations, benefit the most from fall planting. Planting in November allows trees in regions such as Florida to adapt to the soil naturally and have ample time to develop a blossom. 

Contact a Pinellas County Tree Care Company Now! 

Understanding how different seasons affect different types of trees can be the deciding factor in the success of the trees you plant. The advice shared above provides you with the knowledge you need to gauge the effects of upcoming seasonal weather on the health of your trees. 

However, consulting a professional Pinellas County tree care company is the best way to be sure you pick the best time to plant. So, contact Royal Tree Services today for a free quote! 

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